Project-Based Learning

FGA curriculum is centred around themes and adopts project-based learning to stimulate students’ curiosity and incentive to inquire.

Bilingual Foundation Learning

LUC Education uses bilingual thinking as a foundation for inspiring our children. "Bilingual Education" is not just learning a series of Chinese and English words; instead, it empowers children with critical thinking and comprehension ability of the world around them.


Children are born scientists; they inquire, explore the world and build on their own theories like scientists.

STEM teaching and learning are based on projects. Through scientific inquiry and engineering design, the curriculum integrates learning across the different areas.

Through this transdisciplinary inquiry-based curriculum, we will foster students’ curiosity, positivity and perseverance, as well as their 4C abilities, namely, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking.

ART Exploration

FGA believes “Art is everywhere.” Even before children becomes literate, they have “one hundred” natural languages to express themselves. FGA’s integrated art exploration programme is deeply inspired by the Italian Reggio Emilia philosophy and its emphasis on nature to stimulate children’s creativity. From an early age, children learn about different methodologies and different media, they explore colours, materials, motion and the beauty of space and architecture. They learn to recognise the beauty in everything around them and start to express their own experience, feelings and thoughts. From the age of 4, children’s observation becomes more sensitive, so FGA will guide them to explore different layers of art and craft, including visual arts and performing arts etc. While children explore art, they build their own senses, logics, abstraction and connectivity and will develop a true love for art.