After-school Activities

Suitable for

Preschool-aged children who are not native English speakers but wish to pursue international education; Preschool-aged children from international families that wish to receive whole-brain education.
They are open to FGA students as well as children from the neighbouring community.

Class features

● Balanced character education and whole-brain development

● FGA after-school activities aim to provide a balanced character education and whole-brain development. The curriculum is designed to be based on careful observation and assessment of students’ ability and characteristics in the preschool age group.

● The activities encompass logic, language, art expression, scientific exploration etc. Through collaborative creation, music and movement, hands-on experiment and discussion, we integrate children’s teamwork abilities and learn to work and socialise with others.

● Teaching is designed and based on each student’s personalities and attainment.

● The after-school activities are based on FGA’s routine curriculum and are tailored to each student’s needs, based on teachers’ observation of the students. Through learning and participation in activities, we are able to train students’ academic and emotional abilities.