Following LUC's tradition of respecting the Chinese culture, FGA offers a great deal of Chinese traditional activities such as Chongyang Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and traditional poetry/rhymes chanting. By promoting the Chinese traditional culture, FGA aims to create a harmonious and warm community environment.


FGA advocates an international community for children’s future worldwide development.
Therefore, FGA celebrates a range of Western traditional festivals and holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving Day, to create an international atmosphere for our children.

Environment Protection activities

All FGA children are responsible forprotectingourenvironment.They follow a strict waste sorting system and collect all kinds of recyclable items to create amazing artworks todecorate our school and community.


At FGA children's physical development is one of the three core areas of learning. Therefore, we introduce an Olympic spirit to our Early Year children as we have a professional basketball court, a roller skating venue, a running track and a large playground.

Furthermore, FGA hosts large-scale family sports events every year for parents and children to participate in and to try their best to win awards.


FGA is determined to foster the next generation of leaders with its core values and character education. We organise regular charity bazaars each year where children bring their own toys or self-made food to sell and raise money for charities.


FGA believes that children have a natural desire to explore and understand the world. Therefore we offer our children a lot of opportunities to be exposed to nature, with each classroom containing its own back garden. FGA itself is surrounded by thousands of hectares of green space. Besides, we have venues nearby for farming activities, tree planting and garden or park walks.