Community Charity

FGA regularly invites parents to participate in charity activities to help improve our school and communities.

Teaching participation

Our parents are from all over the world with different cultural background and are all knowledgeable. They area valuable asset for our children. Therefore, we welcome parents to participate and even lead some teaching activities to share their knowledge and expertise with the children.

Parent-Child Activities

FGA believes that everyone is an integral part of the community, whether they are children or parents. Everyone is encouraged to participate in community activities such asparent-child sports games, family bazaars and other activities.

Home-School Communication

Education does not stop at school. FGA hopes that the FGA values and philosophieswillbe extended to the wider community. Therefore, we have established a Chi TakClub, which organises parent lectures on a regular basis and we will invite parents to participate in school affairsandmaintainclose home-school communication.