House System

Each FGA child will be assigned to a house. As a member of the house, children will work diligently to earn honour and pride for their house in ethics, academics, sports andbehaviour.

The House of Dragon

The dragon is a traditional image representing the Chinese nation. The dragonbravely travels up to the sky and down to the ocean. We inspire our children with this pioneering spirit to prepare them to lead the world in the future.

The House of Phoenix

The phoenix dies and gains rebirth from its ash and has the power to rule all the other birds. Phoenix childrenarenot afraid of hardship and they stick to their beliefs and persevere to achieve success.

The House of Unicorn

Unicorns symbolise eternity, firmness and purity.
Unicornchildrenmaintaintheir focus and resilience in pursuing the truth of science and nature.

The House of Griffin

The Griffin is an embodiment of power and justice. Griffin children are strong and determined to defend and maintain order and truth.