Admission Procedures

FGA wishes to provide an education service to everyone who is eligible in age and agrees with the core values of our school.

FGA welcomes students from different countries, different backgrounds and provides them with bilingual and multi-cultural education.

The admission requirement will be slightly different depending on the applicants’ age. In general, applicants will need to complete the application forms, and participate in an interview alongside their parents. We welcome families with an international education mindset and positive mentality.

Eligible students

The multi-cultural at mosphereof FGA is beneficial for students to establish open-mindedness and encourage students to develop bilingual communication abilities and teamwork skills. We welcome students from China and overseas. Chinese and international students will be studying in the same classes.
FGA student family requirements:
• Shared education alphilosophy and values
• Agree with the FGA mission and are willing to pursue an international forward-looking education
• Positive dispositions and attitudesthat are in line with FGA values
• A certain level of communication ability in English
• Curiosity and spirit of exploration

School Tour Appointments

To ensure our quality teaching and mini mise interruption to the children's learning environment, we will open to parents at prearranged times and dates. Please book an appointment with us if you would like to visit our school.

Open Days

In order for parents to learn more about FGA’s teaching philosophy, education management, teaching team, teaching resources and campus facilities, we will host regular open-house events.

Inquiry with Staff

021-5187 2889 ext. 8050/8059

Send an email to and provide the name, age and current school (if any) of your child and your own name to book a school tour.